The Nancy Noël Academy

In 1999 when Nancy was in Kenya for the third time, she visited a school where 60 children between the ages of 5 and 8 years old were crowded into one room with one teacher. Nancy knew there had to be a better way and she was so inspired by these children that she established the Nancy Noel Academy in Kenya in 1999. Since that time, she has provided a safe clean environment to educate children.


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Above is a 2 minute video of the students singing a song of gratitude to Nancy.

In the midst of violent and impoverished conditions, The Nancy Noel Academy has uplifted an entire community on the island of Rusinga in Nyanza, Kenya. The children that attend this school are growing up in families practicing subsistence farming but suffer from a general lack of access to medical treatment. Many of the children at the school have been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic and too many are also infected with HIV or AIDS themselves, a disease considered merely “chronic” in the United States because of the availability of treatment, However, it is still quite deadly for children without family physicians, medical insurance, or even clinics to treat them. Since 1999, the Noel school has also been a place of safety and support for the community around it. Each day, over 260 children gather there to learn, eat, and receive medical care.

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The Nancy Noel Academy is dedicated to providing quality education and care to the children of Rusinga Island in Kenya, by funding the school building, tuition, uniforms, books, meals, and clean water as well as medical treatment.



• Six hundred and thirty-six students have graduated to senior primary schools within the county.

• Sixty-two graduates in different fields within the country – three of whom are currently providing support for the school.

• Weekly health talks are given by the school doctor or health officer from the Ministry of Health. Each year the school ensures that each pupil is screened with consent of guardian or parent, de-wormed and treated if needed.

• The School provides safe water to the school and community at large.

• The School promotes personal hygiene.



• Academic – indoor and outdoor learning

• Health promotion activities, medical checkups, health talks and good sanitation

• Nutritional support for children with inadequate diets

• Exchange visits with other learning institutions

• Community partnership and service by seniors and others in promotion of sanitation, market centers, health advocacy

• Provision of safe water to institution and community



• Provide affordable academic and health programs promoting early childhood growth and development

• Provide nutritional programs

• Provide housing for 40 homeless children

• Promote School exchanges to increase learning opportunities

• Provide adequate sanitation through community partnerships



• Poor Sanitation – need continues for improved toilets

• Deteriorating classrooms

• No kitchen

• Lack of medical exam room

• Salaries for teachers are not underwritten

• Children do not have adequate clothing and shoes

• Safe drinking water

• Inflation of Kenya currency (Ksh) has led to financial constraints in terms of purchase of food, learning materials, salaries

• Identifying partner organizations who can help support the school

“Love is the only thing that changes things.” –N.A. Noel

Honorary Advisory Board Members for the NA Noel Preschool

Dr. Dmitry Arbuck, Psychiatrist, MD, Indiana
Dr. Ursula Jacob, MD, Germany
Jane Seymour, Actress, Artist, Philanthropist, California
James Keach, Actor, Producer, Director, California
Mickey Maurer, Chairman of the Board, The National Bank of Indianapolis, Indiana
Lesley Athol, Life Coach, South Africa
Mark Roesler, CEO and Chairman, CMG Worldwide, Indiana, California

Many thanks to our N.A. Noël Preschool Board members. The school
received their first computer this year thanks to a generous donor in the
Indianapolis area and we look forward to bringing many more
opportunities to these special children.