The Golden Puppy – Plate Series


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The Golden Puppy is 9” in diameter.

In 1985, Nancy Noel did a series of paintings for the purpose of creating a limited edition plate series titled A Country Summer, which was published by The Hamilton Group.

Each of these limited edition plates are in their original boxes and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each plate has a unique edition number assigned to it, and is printed on the backside and the certificate.

The price per plate, accompanied with the certificate is $85, and shipping is free. We have a very small quantity, so order soon!

Original painting on canvas is available.


Noël Studio Inc. is authorized to sell the work of N.A. Noël.
All artwork is registered and protected by the U.S. Copyright Office.

For orders outside the USA or custom sizes, please contact us.

Limited Edition

The Golden Puppy – 9” Plate