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The Sanctuary

To achieve a true appreciation for the depth of the work of N.A. Noel, you must step inside The Sanctuary. It is a dramatic showcase for the talents of this world renowned artist. Compare, contrast, experience the art of N.A. Noel… gaze into the haunting eyes of Girl with Fool, reach a higher plane of understanding with The Contract and Secrets and Lies, and drink in the striking natural beauty of Glass Bowl, a tribute to the peonies so prevalent during a Midwestern springtime.

Also discover the original works that brought the work of Nancy Noel to the forefront of the American art world. Original Amish pieces like Once upon a Cat and Crow & The Butterfly draw the viewer into the simplistic beauty of this portrayal of Amish life. For many Noel collectors, the opportunity to see favorite paintings in person is a lifelong dream. But, as Destiny greets you upon arrival, and you move forward to see Promise, Angel with Harp, Grace, Angel of the Arts and many more, this dream becomes a reality.

The Sanctuary is a Victorian church originally built in the 1800's on Main Street in the quaint Indiana town of Zionsville. This unique historic landmark is home to the remarkable collection of artwork by renowned artist, Nancy Noel. The Sanctuary offers a retreat unlike any other and is a must-see destination in central Indiana for both Noel aficionados and those unfamiliar with her work.

Housing a museum shop and framing gallery, The Sanctuary is perfect for a quick visit to escape from reality or for a leisurely day spent browsing original artwork and discovering the quality of the many available giclees and prints. Call ahead to schedule a tour or simply stop by to experience The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary, The Art of N.A. Noel
75 North Main Street
Zionsville, Indiana 46077
Telephone: 317.733.1117 or 800.444.6635
Fax: 317.873.2012