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What is a Giclee?

Giclee, pronounced zhee-clay, is a French word which means "spurt". It describes the process of making fine art prints using archival inks and high resolution ink jet printers. The result is a reproduction that has all the tonalities, hues, and details as close to the original as possible.

Available on canvas or paper, limited high quality giclees are respected and valued among collectors. Giclees of N. A. Noel's works are exclusively produced and published by the artist. Each piece is hand signed and numbered by her with a certificate of authenticity included.

Inkjet printing has the added advantage of allowing artists total control of the production of their images, including the colors and the substrates on which they are printed. Please note that Nancy Noel individually inspects each giclee to ensure that they match, as closely as possible, to the original. Since these are made "one at a time", you are receiving a piece of artwork that can be handed down from generation to generation. The giclee on canvas are signed, dated, numbered and stamped with the Noel seal of authenticity. The giclee on paper are numbered and signed by the artist, along with the name of the image.