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About Nancy Noel

A Reverence for Life

Art heals, informs, transforms and inspires. Nancy Noel, a philanthropist and painter, is also a visionary. She captures the essence of her subjects, depicting them with reverence which quiets the mind and comforts the heart. Noel's timeless paintings describe a world both natural and mystical, with a finesse that speaks directly to the soul.

Sensitive portraits of animals and Amish children made Noel a household name. The intimacy of the Amish children portrayed is not seen in mainstreamed American culture. In contrast, the African series demonstrates a unique versatility bringing us face to face with the haunting charisma of a diminishing culture. At the same time, Nancy's angelic messengers float ethereally on canvas, all asking the viewer to see beyond the paintings into another dimension; encouraging us closer to our divinity in celebration of who we are.

Every day we are humbled by the messages we receive from those who have been touched by Nancy's work. On behalf of Nancy, please accept our heartfelt thanks for the privilege of sharing with you.

Nancy's Favorite Things

Traders Point Creamery

I'm so lucky to have one of my favorite things right down the road from my house, Trader's Point Creamery. They are an organic farm that raises beautiful grass fed Brown Swiss cows and produce delicious cream line dairy products free of pesticides, antibiotics, and chemical fertilizers. And besides being incredibly tasty, the products contain more healthy fats like Omega 3s, CLA, vitamins A & E, and beta-carotene. They are USDA certified by Indiana Certified Organic. I suggest trying the award winning "Fleur de la Terre” cheese and chocolate ice cream!

Linehan & Sons

The Sanctuary would not have been possible without the help and dedication of Russ and his guys. They always have our back, no matter what. Always kind and courteous, Russ will find an answer for any problem we run across; painting, plastering, hanging 100lb paintings…you name it, they do it. We love them. (317) 626-6312 or

Jennie DeVoe

We have been honored to have the amazing Jennie DeVoe perform at The Sanctuary numerous times. The annual fall show consistently sells out every year! Her voice is mesmerizing; riveting and soulful beyond her years. Jennie's album "Fireworks and Karate Supplies” is always on my playlist at home and at The Sanctuary. Besides being an incredible vocalist, she is an enchanting woman with a warm soul. Jennie always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face.


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Nancy Noel Nancy Noel Nancy Noel

More Photos: Indy Star's @home Photo Gallery, with Nancy Noel


Nancy the Woman

In a beautiful testament to Nancy as a woman, a few of her close friends share their thoughts and feelings. The diverse backdrop of Nancy's artwork visually demonstrates the traits her friends see in her - her spirit of adventure, her reverence for life, her appreciation of the world's cultures, and her profound spirituality.

Thank you to the following friends who share their beautiful words in the above video:

Dr. Sally Brown-Bassett President/Co-founder of Women Like Us Foundation
Kathy McHugh Author and Speaker
Dr. Jose Lusende Butler University
Jennie DeVoe Singer/Songwriter
Nancy Larsh Dosen

Check out the first of the Free Range Concert Series at The Sanctuary! Seth Walker blew us away with his folksy, bluesy style and incredible energy and charisma.

Nancy in India, bringing in her elephant after a day of learning how to ride!

A glimpse into the creation of one of Nancy's works of art: The Good Girl.

Nancy Noel shares the love of her animals with The Indiana School for the Blind & Visually Impaired at her farm in Indiana. This video portrays the magical bond between the children and Lollie, Nancy's award-winning Gypsy drum horse. Deedee the llama also makes an appearance!

This is a glimpse into Nancy starting her latest painting. Keep in mind this is only a couple hours in to this life size piece! Check back to see the finished work.

Nancy is training her beloved horse, Lollie, how to bow!

An insider's look behind the scenes at Nancy Noel's farm, including some of her favorite friends.

A work-in-progress time lapse video of Nancy Noel working on one of her paintings in the studio.

"Each day, I marvel at the number of people
I have had the privilege to reach through my work.
However, my greatest gift has been the people who reach me."
- N. A. Noel