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The Art

The art of N.A. Noel has the power to heal, inform, transform and inspire. Working in a variety of mediums, she is able to capture the essence of her subjects, depicting them with reverence which quiets the mind and comforts the heart. Nancy’s timeless paintings describe a world both natural and mystical, with a finesse that speaks directly to the soul.

Within her collection, you’ll find the sensitive portraits of animals and Amish children that made Noël a household name standing beside the more recently completed haunting image of Sitting Bull, painted primarily in the dark. The intimacy of the Amish children portrayed is not seen in mainstream American culture. In contrast, the African series demonstrates a unique versatility bringing us face to face with the haunting charisma of a diminishing culture. At the same time, Nancy's angelic messengers float ethereally on canvas, all asking the viewer to see beyond the painting into another dimension; encouraging us closer to our divinity in celebration of who we are.

Within this online collection, you’ll find original pieces, giclees on canvas and paper, and prints of various sizes.


Nancy Noel’s Artwork

Personal experiences and stories are woven together with a beautiful sampling of Nancy's artwork. The stories and the art come together to demonstrate the depth and breadth of Nancy's talent and the impact it has on all who view it.

Thank you to the following friends who share their beautiful words in the above video:

Dr. Sally Brown-Bassett President/Co-founder of Women Like Us Foundation
Andy Murphy Author and Editor
Nancy Larsh Dosen
Dennis Cake Art Collector
Kathy McHugh Author and Speaker
Jennie DeVoe Singer/Songwriter

The Contract

Based on the truth that we are spiritual beings and often, unconscious, we make a contract with fear-an unnecessary shadow.

Thank you Nancy Larsh and Kathy McHugh for sharing your insight.