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The N.A. Noel Preschool

N.A. Noel Preschool Photo

“Love is the only thing that changes things.” –N.A. Noel

As a little girl playing up in a tree in her backyard, Nancy pretended she was riding an elephant in Africa while most girls were playing with dolls. Since she can remember, Nancy dreamed of one day going to Africa. She was intensely curious about the land, the tribes, the animals and the culture. In 1987, she experienced Africa for the first time and her reverence for it only deepened. Nancy would return again and again to quench her thirst.

Nancy With Kids Doctor With Child

On one of her trips, while looking for children to paint, Nancy discovered a small hut with 60 children in an impoverished fishing community. Nancy was amazed at these children who had lost everything – parents, friends – to AIDS, accidents and illnesses. And many had AIDS themselves. They had been facing death from the moment they were born. Nancy observed, “As has always been my experience in Africa, the children were full of enthusiasm despite their circumstances. No matter how much they lacked, they were still vibrant with laughter and kindness.” After Nancy left the children that day, she promised to take care of them.

Thirteen years later, Nancy’s preschool has 250 children and continues to grow. A new building was completed in 2011, and the children now have several teachers, access to supplies, a feeding program and a doctor on staff. The kids appropriately call Nancy “Mum” as she has mothered them all with her unwavering commitment.

“It’s been a far greater gift than I ever expected. The school grows and gets better every year and I get to be part of that,” says Nancy. “I know exactly where the money is going and how and who it is helping. Also, the children and staff are so appreciative. Their gratitude is extraordinary.”

Honorary Advisory Board Members for the NA Noel Preschool

  • Dr. Dmitry Arbuck, Psychiatrist, MD, Indiana
  • Dr. Ursula Jacob, MD, Germany
  • Jane Seymour, Actress, Artist, Philanthropist, California
  • James Keach, Actor, Producer, Director, California
  • Mickey Maurer, Chairman of the Board, The National Bank of Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Lesley Athol, Life Coach, South Africa
  • Mark Roesler, CEO and Chairman, CMG Worldwide, Indiana, California

Many thanks to our N.A. Noel Preschool Board members. The school received their first computer this year thanks to a generous donor in the Indianapolis area and we look forward to bringing many more opportunities to these special children.



N.A. Noel Preschool is dedicated to providing quality education and care for the children of Rusinga Island in Kenya, Africa through financial support of the school, tuition, uniforms, books, meals, clean water as well as medical treatment. 


Since 1999, the N.A. Noel Preschool has uplifted the entire community. Many of the children have been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic and are also infected with HIV/AIDS. The school is a place of safety where the children gather each day in hope, laughter and great joy so they can flourish.


We are very excited to have the new building construction completed. With growing enrollment this new school building allows more children to continue to be served.
Take a look at our progress »


  • Level 1:
    Annual tuition for four children - $200
  • Level 2:
    One month of medical care for 260 children, including well child check-ups and accute care- $100
  • Level 3: Annual tuition for one child - $50
  • Level 4: Backpack with crayons, paper & pencils - $25
  • Level 5: Uniform - $10

The ONE NET-ONE LIFE Program of Oakland City University at the Indiana Women’s Prison program made and donated 264 life saving bed mosquito nets for Nancy's preschool!
We also want to thank the volunteers involved with the IU Kenya Partnership for transporting the mosquito nets to Africa! The number of people willing to volunteer their time for this cause is overwhelming. Thank you!

Donations can be made via the Women Like Us Foundation:

Women Like Us Foundation + Nancy Noel N.A. Noel Preschool